HUMAN Galactic Ambassador to EARTH

My name is Bridg-ET. I am a proud citizen of the human race and ambassador to Earth. I love our planet so much and I am learning to love, and flow with our species more and more every day!

I was born to BRIDG-ET. One of the major themes of this transformational incarnation for me is to connect my perceived human self to my infinite divine expression. This life, for many of us, is about incredible awakening and the re-memberance to our galactic family is a critical piece to realize we’re beyond a body, earth, space-time and more!!  My puzzle piece is to bridge myself and others to the stars. Since I was little I would blissfully cry when looking at the night sky, knowing within that there’s so much more to existence.

In recent years I’ve remembered and deeply recalled my participation in the hybridization program, and my part in it. One of my gifts is being a medium and a connector with other realms so I utilize this intuitive skill to connect myself and other parents with their hybrid kids. When I was truly willing for my life to explode into a dreamworld, and I asked my heart will full responsibility of the outcome “Do I have hybrid children?” My soul bursted with a new level of light and life I hadn’t felt since I was a child. I knew with ever fiber of my being that I have kids!!! They assist me on my path and fully empower me to be more me… knowing that when I’m living and acting in my fullest natural expression, they will appear/land.

In early 2013 I’ve had many “future” memories of when they land and the contact communities where they’ll integrate. This reality is a magical wonderland of bliss!!! You can read about some of my experience here:  “Living with My Hybrid Daughter“, “My Galactic Family Reunion Memory” and “How to Make Contact and Remember Your ET Experiences“.

Hybrid Kid Portrait Session!

Receive your own portrait & channeled message from your hybrid children

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