Original Painting Deposit


Reserve your place to receive a commissioned painting by Bridget, put down your deposit on a pre-existing original or pay for a painting file to make a print! Please specify which painting or print you want by adding the name of the work at checkout. Click here to see what’s available!




Spiritual Painting By Bridget Nielsen

watercolor painting of dolphinMy original spiritual paintings (eco oil) range from $395-$4,500 (plus shipping) depending on painting & size (pmt plans available), my realistic portraits (people and animals) start at $495,  my underwater watercolors start at $295, and digital print files are $33. Click here to see the original paintings and prints I have available! 


Spiritual Painting: The Purpose Of My Art

My paintings are portals into unseen realms, allowing a greater connection to the spirit world and one’s higher self! This artwork is an ascension tool that maintains high energy in your space to elevate your personal awakening journey.  For much of history, original spiritual art has been locked away in the homes of the rich, art galleries and religious institutions. It is my passion to make these sacred tools available for you to bring reflections of the sacred to your home and inspire your daily experience.

Original, spiritual art invokes a spark and impression from higher realms. This transcendent moment is captured and held by its physical form and can be easily tapped into, through its energetic imprint. I follow the Eastern tradition of infusing my original paintings with chi (life-force energy) during its creation, and throughout the drying process. I imbue the art with deep prayers and living frequencies to assist the client’s spiritual expansion. I have had several clients share that they’ve seen orbs and energies come through my paintings. Thus, I recommend original paintings for your home, however big, over digital prints. An original energy painting will act as a long-term guide and energetic signature to uplift you.

If you do not feel drawn to one I have already painted, I would be honored to intuit a painting for you. Share with me your intentions of what you would like it to bring into your life: high energy, inspiration, guidance, play, support, etc. We can also collaborate on a specific color pallet.

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