Starseed Lucid Dreaming for Contact Playshop

$97 $67

5-Exciting Modules, 5-90min Recorded Group Calls, Numerous Exercises, Movies Suggestions, Numerous Links, Supportive Facebook Group Member Interactions. After paying you will receive an email with a password to access the playshop.


Lucid Dreaming For Contact

Mirror Dreaming

Lucid Dreaming

Dream yourself into the reality you prefer…

With Aluna, Kirk and Bridget

5 Exciting Modules Exploring How Lucid Dreaming Can Accelerate Contact With The Hybrids and Our Galactic Family

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What You Will Receive

Awaken Yourself In The Dream You Think Is Your Life

  • 5 – 90 Minute Recorded Group Calls, so you can listen anywhere anytime. In the calls Aluna, Kirk and Bridget cover the sessions topics and the group members share their ideas and ask questions. This makes makes the calls dynamic, motivating, and fun to listen to.
  • 5 – Content Modules that organize the material in a fun and memorable fashion
  • Numerous Exercises in each module that will make you more lucid
  • Movies Suggestions with topics relevant to each module
  • Supportive Group Members To Learn From and New Friends to Interact With
  • Facebook Group Where Everyone Can Chat, Share and Post
  • Questions Answered by the facilitators and group members
  • Written Content Numerous Articles relating to the topics covered
  • Awakening and Transformational Experience!

Lucid Dreaming ButterfliesLucid Dreaming Playshop Topics

1 Connecting to the Terrestrial, Earth, Gaia
2 Freelancers and Future Hybrid, & Hybrid Civilizations
3 Dreaming with Our Galactic Family
4 Higher Self & Template Reality
5 Lucid Dreaming for Contact Wrap Up

Invest In Yourself

Order now. If you really jump in and let yourself get involved this Playshop, it can be one of the most impactful events you will ever experience. It really will open you up to seeing that disclosure is happening now inside of you and all around you. It is who you really are!


Click Here – For Details & Website

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