Grounding Meditation Package – Starseed Integration


Grounding Meditation Package Includes:

  • Grounding Meditation (38 Minutes)
  • Ceremony Video (17 Minutes)


people grounding with earthThis grounding meditation and ceremony is designed to reinstate your incarnational right to be connected to Earth, and your true natural self. As stated in the grounding video (below), many people’s plasmic connection with Earth has been disconnected in recent generations and these exercises will assist in rebirthing and repatterining your energetic being to this dimensional realm. The intention is for you to shine in your full radiance while being safe and nourished in your body on planet Earth.

Prerequisite video to watch that goes with the grounding meditation and ceremony:

This grounding meditation package includes:

  • Grounding Meditation (38 Minutes): This meditation is dedicated letting all of the vibrance of your starseed soul be birthed, stabilized and supported in the Earth’s energy!
  • Ceremony Video (17 Minutes): This video shares ways to prepare for the meditation through exercises and bringing conscious awareness to your body. It also suggests ceremonial offerings, and activities to fully embody and link your plasma field to the Earth.




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