Module 2: Hybrid Contact

Your course materials for the week.

Weekly Call, Meditations and Music.

Videos & Tutorials

The password for the videos is: lucidcontact

Hybrid Children

 WILD Tutorial

Hybrid Races

WBTB Tutorial

Future Hybrids

Intention Mapping


Hybrid Contact Symbols

Redraw or mediate with these symbols before dreamtime to connect in with your hybrid family!


Hybrid Children Contact Symbol

Essassani/Eshakani Contact Symbol

Yahyel/Shalinaya Contact Symbol

Module 2 Blogs ~ Hybrid Kiddos & Hybrid Civilizations

Let Food Be Thy Medicine: Making “Cooked” Food Purposeful & Medicinal

I just returned from the Pure Living Expo in Sedona, where being Raw and Vegan was praised from the stage as THE way to eat. I find myself going to extremes in many areas of my life and pushing the my limits. After immersive experiences, I then take a step back and assess how I can best balance in all aspects of my life: spirituality, eating, relationships… all aspects of life.

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