• Play in the endless love of Earth’s heart chakra (Haleakala)
  • Turn on your creativity, and feminine expression
  • Relax, receive, rejoice, smile and be at ease.
  • Connect with a sisterhood of authentic spiritual women
  • Receive celestial and Lumerian codes for ascension
  • Awaken your wild and sensual being
  • Reset the loving archetypal integrity of the crone, mother, maiden
  • Realign your mind, body and spirit to its highest octave

I’m co-creating this gathering with Haumea, the goddess of Hawaii, for you to receive the exquisite energies from MU (Lumeria) and the heart of Earth (Haleakala, Maui), to activate the divine feminine codes for the new Earth. As a group, we will deeply connect with Maui’s transcendent frequencies which will gift you spaciousness to ground, emerge and bloom into your true self. Our circle of sisters, creative activities, sacred ceremonies, high vibrational food and the atmosphere of the island will rekindle and fan the spark of your divine radiance.

The timing of this retreat is aligned with the fall equinox. It is a time to take in, receive and harvest everything you planted in 2018, and throughout your awakening journey, while letting go of anything that is not aligned with your true essence.


Playful Adventures and Activities ~ What You’ll Receive

  • Maui waterfalls, sacred valley & Haleakala volcano land journeys
  • Lumerian and crystalline grid activations
  • Intuitive Art, Creativity and Color Code Frequency Playshops
  • Feminine Expression Yoga
  • Hawai’ian Lei Making Class
  • Equinox ceremony and intention weaving
  • Local Organic Tropical Dinner & Brunch
  • Intimate Sharing Circles with Like-Hearted Sisters

Invest In Yourself

  • Deposit $295 Reserves Your Spot! 
  • Early Bird Special is $1,650 if paid in full by July 25th, 2018. Price thereafter is $1,850. Click Here to Sign Up Now! 
  • Payment in Full Due 30 days before adventure begins (August 20th, 2018)
Click to Reserve Your Spot 

Tentative Maui Itinerary

Tuesday, September 18th

  • Arrive, Check-in, Rest & Relax


Wednesday, September 19th

  • Opening Circle at the Beach
  • Lunch
  • Tropical Waterfall Land Play!
  • Local Organic Vegan Welcome Dinner by Tracy Tarlow
  • Movement & Ecstatic Flow

Thursday, September 20th

  • Morning Womb Yoga with Lauren Gibson
  • Sacred Valley Land Journey
  • Lunch
  • Water Purification Ceremony
  • Intuitive Art & Muse Circle
  • Dinner

Friday, September 21st

  • Witchy Garden Grounding & Herb Exploration
  • Flower Gathering and Equinox Intention Weaving
  • Lunch
  • Lei Making Class with Lauren Liana Shearer
  • Sunset Beach Photoshoot 
  • Dinner
  • Moonlight Ocean Ceremony

Saturday, September 22nd (Fall Equinox)

  • Local Organic Brunch by Tracy Tarlow
  • Intuitive Art Playshop & Muse Circle
  • Lunch
  • Haleakala Heart Chakra Land Journey
  • Fall Equinox Ceremony
  • Dinner

Sunday, September 23rd

  • Feminine Expression Yoga with Lauren Gibson
  • Closing Circle at the Beach
  • Free Time or Session with Bridget

Your Maui Guide ~ Bridget Nielsen

I am completely captivated by the energies of Maui (old MU/Lumeria). Venturing in and out of Maui for years, and now living here, I am inspired to create this container for the feminine archetypes to awaken within you, just as they have (and continue to do) for me!

Bridget Nielsen is an author, artist, natural intuitive and gifted healer assisting and empowering starseeds in their awakening to embody and live their soul missions on Earth. She has devoted her life to the awakening of self and has is passionate about inspiring all generations to feel excited about contributing to humanity and making Earth an uplifting home for future generations.

Your Muses

Tracy Tarlow

Your magical foodie fairy creating delicious and nutritious local organic brunch & dinner, and witchy herb guide.


Lauren Gibson

Your yoga goddess guide leading us through sacred flow, inviting us into our bodies and coaxing the feminine within. 


Lauren Shearer

Your flower goddess sharing the sacred Hawai’ian art of adorning and beautifying to reflect our inner radiance.


Charming Accommodations

There are still 2 more spots between this house and a second house I rented 🙂 The second house has 1 private room ($100 more) or you can have a double occupancy in the group cabin. This magical property is a hidden jewel in a lush garden setting to tap into the frequency of Maui, and connect with each other! The rooms are double occupancy. Click on the picture to see slideshow of the cabin!









What is Included

  • 5 Day retreat with the theme of “Opening to Your Divine Feminine Expression”.
  • 5 Nights accommodation at magical cabin – double occupancy – with access to meditation gardens and labyrinth.
  • Vibrant organic welcome dinner & local brunch.
  • Land journeys to sacred portals around Maui.
  • Intimate group connection with like-hearted women from around the world!
  • Personalized guidance from Bridget throughout the 5 days!
  • Group connection activities including intuitive art/color circles, feminine expression yoga, lei making class and herbal magic exploration. 
  • Fall Equinox celebration and ceremonial activations.

What is Not Included

  • Airfare to Maui
  • Transportation to and from accommodations, and to activities.
  • Food for most most meals. 


  • Air Transportation. Kahului, Maui (OGG Kahului International Airport).
  • Car Rental. We will need 3 people to rent cars for our retreat. Everyone can pitch in to support those drivers. I have 3 spots in my car which are available to the first 3 people who sign up.


  • Magical Group Cabin. The first 10 spots are filled for the cabin accommodation. I also secured another house for other women who want to sign up!

Invest In Yourself

  • Deposit $295 Reserves Your Spot! 
  • Early Bird Special is $1,650 if paid in full by July 25th, 2018. Price thereafter is $1,850. Click Here to Sign Up Now! 
  • Balance Due after Deposit $1,355 if paid before July 25, 2018. If paid after July, 25th, the balance due is $1,555.
  • Payment in Full Due 30 days before adventure begins (August 20th, 2018)

Moira Buldini Kotecha


THANK YOU Ohana (family)! The entire experience was magical, amazing, exclusive, deeply profound, unique and fun! It’s like a was living in a dream and be with my family creating a New Earth where Love, Joy, fun & creativity becomes the main values. Thank you again HE for holding the space and make me experience what UNITY CONSCIOUSNESS means. I am a new person. Moira Buldini Kotecha – ITALY – 2X Adventurer

Ruth Watson

My experience was a big mixture of challenges, love, overcoming fear, getting to know myself, growing my confidence and connecting with people who made me feel like I could do anything and I was worthy of anything I set my sights on. I’m changed forever because I came to Maui. Ruth Watson – ENGLAND – 5X Adventurer


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