Immersive Transformation Package

Exclusive 6 Week DEEP DIVE with Bridget!

In this deep dive we become best friends. This program is for you if you are truly ready to release, and dedicated BLOOMING into your true self!!

I utilize every skill and modality I know, with over 9 years of healing and coaching experience, to facilitate your transformation on all levels – mind, body, spirit!! I hold you in a pure field of wholeness allowing you to embody who you came to Earth to be.

Want to know my secret? It is to be your ultimate cheerleader. We build the momentum of new habits and high frequency together, and I support you in every way I can to truly make long-term change.

I only do this level of work with 12 people per year, 3 people per quarter. It is my most exclusive and sacred offering.

Energies & aspects we will
dive into, explore & transform!

Aura/entity clearing, soul retrieval(s), ancestral healing, past life integration, high vibe food/diet revamping, relationships, money and mission/purpose/gifts clarification with physicalized action plan!

Testimonials from deep diver initiates

“Bridget initiates you onto your path. She holds such a gentle and loving space, deeply intuitive and heart centered, and if you’re ready for it her energy also asks you to step up to your full self. To stop playing small. And she cheers you on in whatever sized steps you take.”

Chelsea | North Carolina, USA

“My heart is bursting after a month of guidance & healing with this incredible being. Rediscovering so many beautiful, but lost & hidden, aspects of myself. Seeing and creating life shifts I only dreamt of before. My reality & consciousness exploding. Words can’t describe it. I am so full of gratitude & excitement. I feel whole again. Thank you Bridget! You freaking rock!!!!”

Annalisa | Brighton, England

“I’ve never had a Coaching of this kind and I did not know what to expect. With Bridget I would repeat it anytime.

With the hope to find more answers about my purpose and to take the next step, I reached out to Bridget. What I experienced, however, was anything but what I could have imagined (in a positive way). You can not really put such an experience into words – you have to experience it. 🙂 Not only did we heal parts of me that were hidden from me, we also discovered those that I had forgotten. A true adventure filled with love, discovery and magic.

Awakening, loving, inspiring, motivating and bright are not even a fraction of what Bridget’s persona describes. She has an inexplicable talent in triggering your higher self. During the coaching she was able to create an enormous space in which not only I could be who I am but also was able to awaken new sides in me and anchor them through different techniques and processes. The true I essence intensified in such a wonderful way for which there are no words. Together, we were able to create a momentum that functions to my best interest.

Working with her has been one of my best decisions so far. Thanks Bridget. Thank you for your concern, for your openness, for your understanding, your generosity, your support and love – keep bridging the worlds and lighting up the starry sky. 🙂

Sabri | Switzerland

Immersive Package Includes…

5, 90 minute recorded zoom calls

Video chat check-ins every other day & email support for 6 weeks

Weekly exercises, assignments & accountability


This package is not for the faint of heart nor cheap, but it is deeply powerful and truly WORKS!

Package Price   $2,222

Payment plan available (2-3 chunks).

Format: 4 Weeks of deep transformation, empowerment & coaching + 2 Weeks of integration and connection


Only 12 spots per year for this package! Reserve your exclusive spot!



We can connect on for a more basic session! This video Zoom sessions are to connect 1 on 1 with me!! We can cover any topic you would like to explore from spirituality, living your passion/purpose, reconnecting with your inner child, overcoming challenges, or … most people’s favorites ~ hybrid children and ET connections!!